Fight Crime

With decreased state funding, Anchorage needs to find innovative, community-based, and affordable solutions to address crime. Everyone should feel safe in their homes. Anchorage has added a considerable number of officers to the police department and has worked to strategize its patrols to best serve neighborhoods with a consistent police presence. However, public safety is not only up to Anchorage’s police department, but neighbors must engage with one another, watch out for one another and foster vibrant active neighborhoods

Promote Fiscal Commonsense

With less federal and state funding to support our city, Anchorage must do more with less. We need to prioritize our budget to ensure we are focused on maintaining critical services without putting an additional burden on citizens. We also need to think practically and sometimes outside of the box and accept help from residents when its offered. This means putting in the time to allow residents to volunteer their services and expertise when they offer them. Social capital and investment in our city is an invaluable resource we cannot overlook.

Address Homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that Anchorage is facing in a very real and visible way. The solutions to this problem will be as complex as the problem itself. The solutions will not be Democrat or Republican, but will instead require hard work, innovative thinking and hard choices to turn our city back around. It will require us to come together as a community. While I was initially skeptical about the alcohol tax, after spending many hours researching the issue, meeting with stakeholders and hearing from voters, I now believe this tax is the best way for our community to begin to address the problem. The cost of any coordinated solution far exceeds what we can bear without new dedicated revenue.

Build an Inclusive Community

Anchorage must be a place for all of its residents to live, work, and play in a way that values them. We must address past injustices and ensure that future policies and practices are equitable and inclusive. I support equal rights for all of our residents. I am proud we are a welcoming community. The diversity of Anchorage is one of its strengths and we must celebrate this and utilize the talents of our residents.

Prioritize Infrastructure

There’s still a lot to be done and the recent earthquake underscored the importance of safe, quality infrastructure. And in some areas, like the Port of Alaska, we must come together to insist that those that benefit from the Port of Alaska make funding a priority. We must also be conscientious as we move forward with major infrastructure projects such as roads to ensure that these projects will serve Anchorage for the long haul, foster community and livable neighborhoods.